“The Sims 4 CC Festival” Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 16, 2022

“The Sims 4 CC Festival" is a fun, 9-week event, during which The Sims 4 modders will create and publish their best CC of all types, in order to compete for prizes. It’s a true celebration of creativity and playfulness, split into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Custom Content & Sims
  • Phase 2: Rooms & Lots
  • Phase 3: Grand Finals

Eligible Game:

"The Sims 4"

Full dates:

“The Sims 4 CC Festival” will begin on November 14, 2022 00:00 AM PST and end on January 17, 2022 23:59 PM PST. 

  • Week 1:
    November 14, 2022 00:00 AM PST - November 21, 2022 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 2:
    November 22, 2022 00:00 AM PST - November 28, 2022 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 3:
    November 29, 2022 00:00 AM PST - December 5, 2022 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 4:
    December 6, 2022 00:00 AM PST - December 12, 2022 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 5:
    December 13, 2022 00:00 AM PST - December 19, 2022 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 6:
    December 20, 2022 00:00 AM PST - December 26, 2022 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 7:
    December 27, 2022 00:00 AM PST - January 2, 2023 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 8:
    January 3, 2023 00:00 AM PST - January 9, 2023 23:59 PM PST
  • Week 9:
    January 10, 2023 00:00 AM PST - January 17, 2023 23:59 PM PST
  • Grand prize winners announced - January 18, 2023.

Phases and Prizes

Phase 1

Weeks: Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4

Dates: November 14th, 2022 - December 12, 2022

Eligible categories: 

  • Create a Sim - Body (Hairstyles, Eye Color, Tattoos, Skintones, Makeup, Facial/body Hair, Recolor), Clothing (Cloths, Shoes, Underwear and Socks, Accessories, Looks, Sets, Recolor)
  • Build/Catalog - Build mode (Garden, Wallpapers, Floor tiles, Lighting, Walls, Doors, Windows),  Furniture and objects by room (Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kids Room, Study, Outdoors, Plumbing, Entertainment, Comfort, Decor, Storage, Pets, Activities and Skills, Surfaces, Other)
  • Sims - Male Sims, Female Sims, Household

How to participate:

  1. Sign up as a CurseForge creator
  2. Publish CC or Sims from Phase 1 categories. You may publish CC or Sims you’ve previously built, or build new creations just for the festival.
  3. Note your submitted creations for the festival must meet several terms, described below under “Terms regarding submitted creations”.
  4. At the end of each week we’ll raffle 50 random creations from Phase 1 categories. The creations chosen will award their creators with the weekly prize of $200 USD.
  5. You need to have at least one published creation from Phase 1 categories to be eligible to participate in the raffle and win.
  6. Publishing additional unique creations increases your chances of winning - as each published creation from Phase 1 categories counts as 1 “ticket” in the raffle.
  7. That being said, we’re not aiming for creators to spam duplicate creations or recolors just for quantity’s sake. Prioritize publishing creations that add value to the community of players
  8. Didn’t win last week? Keep publishing new CC and Sims, there’s a new chance to win each week!

How winners are chosen: Random raffle

Winners: 50 new winners per week, 200 total

Prize: $200 USD per winner

Phase 2

Weeks: Weeks 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Dates: December 13, 2022 - January 9, 2023

Eligible categories:

  • Rooms - Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kids Room, Study, Outdoors, Career Room, Misc.
  • Residential lots - House, Other
  • Community lots - Park, Bar, Club, Venue, Careers, Other

How to participate:

  1. Sign up as a CurseForge creator.
  2. Publish Rooms & Lots from Phase 2 categories. You may publish rooms and lots you’ve previously built, or build new creations just for the festival.
  3. Note your submitted creations for the festival must meet several terms, described below under “Terms regarding submitted creations”.
  4. Once your creation is published, fill out this form to submit your creation for judging. When filling the form, you must add a CurseForge link to the published mod or CC. In the form, please showcase your creation with epic images and videos to help our judges see how awesome it is, and why it should win. We recommend using either the Outplayed app or Game Capture app to capture Your mod page and submission form must include at least 1 thumbnail image, 1 screenshot and a description to be eligible to win.
  5. Additionally, please mention in the form all CC used in your created Room or Lot by listing their CurseForge link. If your creation wins - those creators will get a bonus prize!
  6. You’re not limited to one participation per week - you could fill the form for each of your published creations.
  7. At the end of each week, our panel of judges will review all the creations submitted for judging during the preceding week, and pick their 3 favorite creations - favorite room, favorite residential lot and favorite commercial lot.
  8. These winning creations will proceed to the Grand Finals, and their creators will win the weekly prize.
  9. Didn’t win last week? Keep publishing new Rooms & Lots and submitting them for judgment, there’s a new chance to win each week!

How winners are chosen: Panel of Judges

Judging Criteria:
The winning creations will be chosen based on

  • Fun Factor - Is it fun to play with? We’ll evaluate the playability aspect of the room or lot, as well as the originality of the design.
  • Eye catching - Does it make our jaw drop? We’ll evaluate the visual esthetic aspect of the creation
  • Presentation of the submission - Is it exciting? We’ll evaluate how you showcased your creation with thumbnail images, screenshots or videos in the submission form and the CurseForge CC page.
  • **Bonus points for Popularity - As determined by the number of downloads of the creation on CurseForge at the time of judging.

Winners: 3 per week, 12 total

Prize: $1,000 USD per winner

Bonus prize for up to 5 creator whose CC were used in the winning creation: $200 USD per CC creator (60 creators max)

Grand Finals

Weeks: Weeks 9

Dates: January 10, 2023 - January 17, 2023

Eligible categories:

  • The 12 finalists from Phase 2 (4 rooms, 4 residential lots, and 4 commercial lots)

How we’ll choose winners: The community will vote for their favorite room, favorite residential lot and favorite commercial lot. When the week of voting is over, the top most voted creation per category will win the grand prize.

Winners: 3 total

Prize: $5,000 USD per winner

Bonus prize for up to 5 creator whose CC were used in the winning creation: $1,000 USD per CC creator (15 creators max)

Voters prize: Lastly, during the Grand Finals voting, 60 random voters will win a $100 Amazon gift card by raffle.

Terms regarding submitted creations

  • All submitted creations must meet both CurseForge Moderation Policies, and Maxis Mods & CC Guidelines. This means no use of protected IP, no nudity etc.
  • Note that all mods and CC posted to CurseForge go through a moderation process, so it may take a couple of days from submitting a mod or CC for it to be published.
  • All submitted creations may not include expansion materials, so players who only have access to the base game alone could enjoy them
  • When publishing creations, you should accurately categorize them. Don’t publish a “Skintone” CC under the “Room” category or vice versa.
  • You may not publish a single creation multiple times (duplicates). Each published creation should be unique
  • You may not publish work owned or created by others under your name
  • For phase 2 categories - you may make use of CC posted by other creators in your creations, however: (1) you may only use CC from up to 5 CC creators, (2) you may only use CC that are published on CurseForge, (2) when filling the Phase 2 Submission Form you must give credit and list the creators whose CC you used
  • Not meeting any of the requirements described above may result in disqualifying your submission and/or revoking your winning.

Additional topics

  • This event is available in all countries, and creators from all countries can win.
  • By participating in this event, you agree that we can re-use your submitted images and video clips for any marketing purpose, including, but not limited to, promotional recap videos of the event.
  • You have to be 13+ to participate.
  • Winners of phase 2 and phase 3 must confirm they are 18+, or provide parental consent, before prizes are fulfilled.
  • Each creator may win a maximum of 1 time per phase. This means that a single creator could win a maximum of 3 times - once during phase 1, once during phase 2, and once in the Grand Finals.
  • All prizes will be claimed via the CurseForge Authors Rewards Program, which lets creators withdraw their monthly earnings or winnings via Paypal, or Amazon Gift Cards.



These rules are the terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) of "The Sims 4 CC Festival" program (“Program”). This program is executed by Overwolf. By participating in the program you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions,, and any other instructions or directions available on the Program page (collectively, the “Official Rules”). Please read the Official Rules carefully. If you do not agree to the Official Rules, do not enter this Program. Each entry to the Program is referred to as “Participation.” For the purposes of these Terms “we” or “us” means Overwolf Ltd.


  1. The Program is open to any individual who is at least thirteen (13) years old at the time of Participation (“Entrant”) or, if higher, the age of majority in the applicable jurisdiction. No payment or purchase is necessary to enter the Program. Employees, officers, and directors of Overwolf, and their immediate families are not eligible to enter the Program.
  2. The program launch date and duration will be announced on Overwolf or CurseForge social media pages and may be subject to changes without prior notice.
  3. In order to participate and win any rewards, Participants should follow the steps described on the program page, and described above in this doc under “Phases and Prizes”.
  4. Entries cannot contain any content, element, or material that violates a third party’s publicity, privacy, moral or intellectual property rights. By making any Entry, you represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary (including all intellectual property and moral rights) necessary to submit such Entry to the Contest and to grant Overwolf rights in such Entry as set forth below.
  5. Entries must not be derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, disparaging, libelous or contain any content that is in appropriate, indecent, sexual, profane, indecent, tortuous, slanderous, discriminatory in any way, or that promotes hatred or harm against any group or person, or otherwise does not comply with the theme and spirit of the Contest.
  6. Entries must not contain content, material or any element that is unlawful, or otherwise in violation of or contrary to any applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations, or the laws or regulations in any jurisdiction where the Entry was created or submitted.
  7. Entries must not include any virus, worm, adware, spamware or other malicious software, or any software or programs which could violate the privacy rights of any user (including Entrants) or send messages (including emails or SMS) to any person that such a person could possibly find abusive, harassing, needlessly repetitive, or any messages that violate any applicable law, rule or regulation.
  8. No mechanically reproduced mail-in Entries are allowed and any use of robotic, automatic, programmed or similar entry methods will void all such Entries by such methods.
  9. No mechanically reproduced or automatic actions of any kind are allowed in the “community voting” stage as well. Any vote submitted by such tools will be void, and repeat cases of infringement may result in the disqualification of the relevant entry from winning the grand prize.
  10. Each participant can only win one reward during each phase of the competition, for a maximum of 3 winnings. Additionally, each participant may enter the event and compete using no more than 1 CurseForge creator account.


  1. Participation shall be accepted between November 14 and January.  The Participation Period may be changed by Overwolf at its sole discretion.
  2. Campaign termination: This campaign ends when the earliest of the two  occur: a) The announced period of time has elapsed b) All rewards have been handed out.
  3. Overwolf reserves the right to terminate the campaign at any time at our sole discretion without any notice.


  1. Winners will be announced on the CurseForge Twitter page.
  2. All rewards in this event will be claimed via the CurseForge Authors Rewards Program, which lets creators withdraw their monthly earnings or winnings via Paypal, or Amazon Gift Cards.
  3. The rewards of the Contest may be changed by Overwolf, in their sole discretion and without prior notice. All awards are, where applicable, subject to the additional terms and conditions of the manufacturer or supplier.
  4. Following the Participation Period, winner/s will be determined by Overwolf, in its sole and absolute discretion. Any decision of Overwolf regarding the selection of any winners is final. Overwolf will not consider any appeals subsequent to the selection of a winner.
  5. In the event that Overwolf cannot for any reason contact the winners, or when the winner is determined to be ineligible and/or fails to claim an award, Overwolf reserves the right in its sole discretion to select other winners or to determine that there shall be no winners.
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  1. Overwolf may disqualify any winner that does not, in its sole discretion, satisfy the foregoing requirements. Overwolf shall have no obligation to justify or explain the disqualification of any user.


  1. Participation in The Sims 4 CC Festival event requires that you sign up as a CurseForge creator. As such, participation includes consenting to the CurseForge terms and privacy policy.
  2. Additionally, participation in Phase 2 of the event requires that you fill a short submission form - providing your name, an email address, confirming you are 13 years old or older, and consenting to the program terms.
  3. The privacy policy of the challenge will follow the general Overwolf privacy policy unless mentioned otherwise in these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Overwolf and its Affiliates shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage whatsoever caused (whether in contract, tort or statutory duty or otherwise) arising out of or in connection with the Contest and/or award and/or Entry, including (i) the winner accepting, possessing, using, or misusing of any award or any portion thereof; (ii) any type of  technical failure; (iii) the unavailability or inaccessibility of any transmissions, phone, or Internet service; (iv) unauthorized intervention in any part of the Entry process; (v) electronic error or human error in the administration or the processing of entries. Entrants should retain copies of all submitted materials for their records. Overwolf cannot accept any responsibility for Entries lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged or undelivered.
  2. By participating in the Contest, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Overwolf and its subsidiaries, Affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents, attorneys, insurers, independent contractors, providers, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Affiliates”) from and against any and all liabilities incurred in connection with (i) your breach or violation of the Official Rules; (ii) your violation of any law, or the rights of any user or third party, by the content of your Entry. Overwolf reserves the right, in its own sole discretion, to assume the exclusive defense and control at its own expense of any matter otherwise subject to your indemnification. You will not, in any event, settle any claim or matter without the prior written consent of Overwolf.


  1. Participants grant Overwolf the right to use images and videos that were shared by the participants. Subject to the foregoing, by sharing images and videos related to this program Participant grants Overwolf a worldwide, exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and irrevocable license to copy, modify, create derivative works, publish, display, broadcast, rebroadcast, and distribute such content for any purpose.
  2. Participants agree not to assert any moral rights in any social sharing against Overwolf or any of its affiliates and waive any and all claims against Overwolf and its affiliates in respect of any moral rights.


  1. Overwolf shall not be liable for any delay in performing or partial or total failure to perform any of its obligations to the participants under these Official Rules if such delay or failure is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control including without limitation delays, changes, disruptions, cancellations, diversions or substitutions however caused, including without limitation, as a result of war, terrorist action, strikes, hostilities, civil commotions, accidents, fire, flood or natural catastrophes.
  2. Overwolf may amend the Official Rules at any time in its sole discretion by posting an amended version thereof.
  3. These Official Rules shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these the “Sims 4 CC Festival” or the Official Rules (including in respect of any disputes connected to the foregoing and arising under any of the documents referred to herein) including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be exclusively referred to and finally resolved by binding arbitration administered by JAMS pursuant to its Streamlined Arbitration Rules & Procedures. The seat of arbitration shall be Delaware provided that, if the parties agree, hearings may occur in any venue convenient for the parties or remotely. Upon either party’s request, the arbitrator will issue an order requiring that confidential information of either party disclosed during the arbitration (whether in documents or orally) may not be used or disclosed except in connection with the arbitration or a proceeding to enforce the arbitration award and that any permitted filing of confidential information must be done under seal. EACH PARTY WAIVES ITS RIGHT TO GO TO COURT, TO A TRIAL BY JURY, AND TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION, CLASS ARBITRATION, OR OTHER REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING WITH RESPECT TO ANY CLAIM SUBJECT TO ARBITRATION.